We are less than THREE months away from the big day – I can’t believe it! Being this close to the wedding, it meant it was time to check registering for gifts off our to-do list!

We (and by we, I mean…I, LOL) decided to register at Crate & Barrel, Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn & Amazon. I really loved how Pottery Barn & Williams-Sonoma were sister stores, so they actually had a joint registry which was super convenient! Amazon was a great option to add in for miscellaneous items we couldn’t find at the others.

We decided to start registering for gifts in-person at the stores, mainly for the experience. It was really nothing special, but then again we were shopping around the holidays so it was a crazy time! Out of all of the stores, Crate & Barrel really went above and beyond when it came to the whole registry experience! After we finished up in store, I would say we had about 30% of our registry complete. In the weeks after, I just browsed and added items online! It actually turned out that a lot of the items we registered for in store weren’t available to purchase online, so that was kind on inconvenient. I would definitely recommend going in store for the experience because you only get to do it once, but realistically expect to do the bulk of it online.

Like a lot of engaged couples these days, we have already been living together (for almost 2 years) prior to getting married – so honestly, we have a lot of the items you would normally register for. With that being said, we took this opportunity to upgrade a lot of the items we already have! Instead of shopping for things at Target, TJ Maxx, etc. like we usually do – we registered for higher quality items that would last longer.

Here’s some of the items directly off of our registry! Click the name of the item to shop or add it to yours!

  1. Aromatherapy Diffuser: We’ve had an oil diffuser for years, but it was definitely time for an upgrade! First of all, this diffuser looks like a piece of decor so it’s great to leave out on a nightstand or in the bathroom – and it’s huge! It has a 20+ hour run time, it can change colors & display soothing colors & comes with a remote control!

  2. Vitamin Blender: We’ve been wanting one these for YEARS! We make protein shakes & smoothies every single day (Nick owns a supplement company, duh!) – so we really need a blender that’s best-of-the-best, and this one has nothing but RAVE reviews!

  3. Pots + Pans: A registry isn’t complete without pots & pans, right?! These is an awesome 11 piece set that is white & bright – just how I like it! We did splurge on a few fancy pots & pans that were really expensive, but I wanted to register for a set that wasn’t outrageous because we do use them SO much, and they get worn very quickly!

  4. Handheld Vacuum: The vacuum & Roomba can only reach so much, right?! This would be perfect for cars & those annoying spots the vacuum can’t reach!

  5. Nepresso: Okay so this is our most expensive, big mama item…but it’d be a great gift for a group to go in on! This is an upgrade from our current Nespresso (has a built in frother) which would be homemade lattes EVERY. DAY. And, it’s pretty!

  6. Yeti Cooler: This was one of Nick’s picks! We currently have the tote bag cooler from Yeti, but we were in need of a big one for beach trips, boat days & barbecues! This one is the perfect size!

  7. Knife Set: We are so guilty of not having real knife set! We’ve just always grabbed a cheap set at Target…and they get dull so fast! This is a set from Crate & Barrel that has great reviews & I love the sleek look!

  8. Charger Plates: I’m finding myself entertaining & having people over more and more lately! After hosting Thanksgiving this year, I definitely realized I needed more table setting basics – chargers being one of them. I think these are so neutral, pretty & can be used at any occasion!

  9. Glass Serving Bowl: How stunning is this? I’m in need of a high-quality, pretty salad serving bowl and this one is a dream!

  10. Storage Set: We are also guilty of buying low-quality Tupperware from the grocery store that bends & breaks after just a few uses! I loved this 20-piece storage set – it’s clear, high-quality & will help keep our fridge organized!

  11. Diffuser: Because I go through candles like crazy, I registered for a few of these for our living/kitchen areas! We smelled the Mission Fig scent in-store and oh my goodness, it’s amazing!

  12. Glass Latte Mugs: Y’all know I love my coffee – and I am all about the experience! I HOARD coffee mugs, but I’m trying to clear out all of our souvenir, old mugs & replace them with stunning, classy ones like this! I swear coffee just tastes better when it comes from a beautiful mug like this.

  13. Airfryer: SO excited to (hopefully!) get one of these! I’ve seen sooo many amazing, healthy recipes using the airfryer! Healthy chicken tenders & fries for days!

  14. Bakeware Set: If you saw the current pans we are using…lol! We are in need of an upgrade and I love that these are gold!

  15. Lantern: I never really though to register for decor, but why not?! I’m always in need of front porch & back patio decor – and I love these lanterns! I registered for one large on & two smaller sized ones.

  16. Picture Frames: I registered for a bunch of these in different sizes! I really want to fill up some of our empty wall space with photos, and these frames go with our decor perfectly!

  17. Sheets: Because I would probably never make the splurge and buy nice sheets on my own…haha! Our duvet cover is actually matching with these sheet set so it would be perfect! Nothing says “adulting” like high quality sheets, am I right?!

  18. Storage Basket: How stunning is this basket?! Would love to use this in our outdoor living space to hold blankets!

  19. Long Stem Wine Glasses: You can never have enough wine glasses, right?! I’ve always wanted high-quality, long stem wine glasses to drink my wine in Olivia Pope style! I’m obsessed with these!


Jan 30, 2020

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