all of the thing’s Charli is currently loving at 7 months old!

all of the accessories we’ve been loving while introducing solids to Charli!

all of the tips, tricks & products we used and loved during Charli’s first trip and flight!

all of our most-used baby items for months 1+2 with Charli!

all of the products that have made my breastfeeding journey more enjoyable!

all of the bras for all of the occasions I’ve been loving postpartum!

all of the vitamins & supplements I’ve incorporated into my postpartum wellness routine to feel my best!

all of the products we have been loving & couldn’t live without during the first few weeks of Charli’s life!

all of the details of my jewelry collab collection with Resera that you can shop NOW!

some of the things I’ve bought in preparation for the postpartum recovery journey!

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