All of the beauty things coming at you today – and all from Amazon! One of the things I love about Amazon is the fact that they have pretty much every beauty product you could think of – so when you run out of your favorite beauty product last-minute, you can just Prime it and have it at your doorstep in the next day or two. Today I’m rounding up a little bit of everything – skincare, haircare, beauty gadgets, my current favorite beauty/skincare book, and more! Shop everything down below!

Tinkle Facial Razor
Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap
Eye Masks
Get The F*Ck Out Of The Sun Book
Travel Makeup Case
Velvet Scrunchies
Mighty Patch Blemish Spot Treatment Stickers
Spa Headband with Bow
Individual False Eyelashes
Drybar Detangling Hair Brush
Facial Steamer
Olaplex Bonding Oil
Erase your Face Makeup Removing Towel
Drybar Towel-Lined Shower Cap
Lit Handheld Mirror

Nov 9, 2021

Amazon Beauty Favorites


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