Ya’ll know I love a good charcuterie board – but today, we are spicing things up and getting creative for the holidays. Have you ever seen those large, cardboard letters at Hobby Lobby or another local craft store? That’s all you need to completely transform your charcuterie experience! This was such a fun way to display charcuterie – it would be great for baby showers, wedding showers, weddings, birthdays, the holidays – pretty much any event you can pick a special word for. It’s very simple, and a little effort goes a long way! Here are the simple steps to make this charcuterie display:

  1. Pick a word, any word – depending on the occasion you are creating for! Snag those cardboard letters at Hobby Lobby. They are also available online if you don’t have a HL by you!
  2. Cut off the top layer of each letter. These letters are hollow & very easy to cut. Carefully cut around the edges with an x-acto knife. Once you start, sometimes it’s even easier to just gently lift the top off. (tip: make sure you lay the letter in the correct direction before cutting! we cut many backwards or upside down & had to improvise, haha!)
  3. Remove the excess cardboard from the inside and dispose.
  4. Feel free to line the bottom with parchment paper or plastic wrap to avoid oil stains or leakage. Not necessary, but more of a mess-free way!
  5. Fill your letters. I’ll leave a list below with some great filler/charcuterie ideas!

Charcuterie/Filler Ideas:

– cubed cheese
– wedged cheese (I love using jarlsberg, wensleydale, goat cheese, gouda cheese, havarti, manchego, aged cheddar)
– nuts
– grapes (these are a GREAT filler of space)
– crackers
– mini pita bread
– dried fruit (cranberries, cherries, apricots)
– tortilla chips
– pita chips
– olives
– berries (strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries)
– fig jam
– honey
– hummus
– summer sausage
– prosciutto
– salami
– pepperoni
– dates

Nov 18, 2021

DIY Thanksgiving Charcuterie Arrangement

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