“I don’t need anymore energy!” – said no one, EVER! Right?! Gosh, as I am approaching thirty I am officially feeling the weight that adult responsibilities & work can have on you, and I’m trying to get alllll of the energy I can get. The occasional low energy day after a crazy day or week, or bad nights sleep is inevitable…but on a daily, routine basis – I’ve really locked in my favorite practices & products that get me through each day with the energy I need. I’m so excited to share these with you today – enjoy & all of the energetic vibes to you! xo

One Gallon Water Jug // I truly believe that the amount of energy you have on a daily basis directly correlates to how hydrated you are – and I’ve seen it first hand! There are busy seasons of life when we are traveling a lot, or I’m just not in a situation where I remember to drink enough water….and wow, it impacts me in more ways than one. My skin is dull, more prone to breakouts & my dark circles are much worse – my hair is dryer than usual, I’m bloated, the whites of my eyes aren’t as clear, and I just feel more exhausted & depleted. But let me tell ya, when I am back on my gallon game…all of those things go away and I am feeling like a million bucks. For me, I’ve found that when I drink a full gallon – that’s when I feel my best. That may not be the case for you (yes, you do have to make frequent bathroom trips…) but to me it’s worth it! And if you’re like me, a standard size water bottle just doesn’t work for me. I forget to fill it up, leave it places & never meet my goal. I love that this gallon is the perfect visual of how much water I have left to drink for the day!

Start Your Day With A Superfood-Packed Smoothie // I’ve been starting my almost all of mornings off with a giant, nutrient-packed smoothie and it’s done wonders for my energy. The foods that give you life, are the foods that come straight from the earth…and that’s what I pack my morning smoothie with! Veggies, fruit, fiber, protein, collagen – all the things that start my day off on the right foot. Here’s a link to my favorite morning smoothie recipe!

Verb Energy Bars // These energy bars have been a lifesaver when it comes to that 2pm slump! Sometimes that drowsy, unenergetic feeling is inevitable when you’ve been staring at a computer screen all day, and these bars have been the tastiest, most effective pick-me-up ever. They are 90 calories, vegan, gluten-free & made from all natural ingredients that you could find in your home. I love that the nutrition label on each bar isn’t filled with ingredients I can’t pronounce – all clean, good-for-you ingredients. They are pocket-size which makes them perfect for on-the-go, and the flavors truly cannot be beat. My favorite flavors are Red Velvet Cake, Pumpkin Spice Latte & Chocolate Chip Banana Bread! Each bar has the same amount of caffeine that a shot of espresso has – but no jitters. Just flavor and amazing energy! *USE CODE: STEFANY40OFF for 40% off their three best-selling flavors!
Thank you to Verb Energy for sponsoring this blog post!

Nespresso Machine // Because every day should start with a cup of coffee! This is our current favorite coffee machine – one pod with a little creamer is the perfect way to start my mornings.

Bare Performance Nutrition Strong Greens & Strong Reds // these two superfood powders have been a staple in may morning routine, every single day for the past 3+ years. They truly are *gamechanging* when it comes to clean, natural energy. They are nutrient powerhouse superfood powders packed with micronutrients that your diet may lack. In addition to natural energy & focus, I’ve seen tremendous improvements in my skin, digestive system, immunity & overall gut health. *Use code STEFBARE for 10% all BPN products at any time!

Hatch Restore Sunrise Alarm Clock // I think we all know that *sleep* is a given when it comes to having energy. I always aim for 7-8 hours a night and I’m pretty useless if I get much less than that! But what I’ve noticed really kill my energy, especially in the mornings…is hitting that snooze button. I have so much more energy when I get up right when my alarm goes off, but why is it so hard to do that sometimes?! This alarm clock has truly changed my mornings and has stopped my snoozing habit (most days, haha). It has so many amazing features – like a sunrise simulator, that slowly lights up your room as if the sun was peaking in, a few minutes before your alarm is due to go off. It can also be used as a reading light, too! I love all of the different sound machine features this clock has, as well – I wake up to waves crashing and it’s the most peaceful thing ever. They have guided meditations, too!

BPN In-Focus Energy Supplement // This is the stuff I reach for when it’s time to bring out the BIG GUNS! This is a great alternative to a sugary energy drink or dessert-style coffee, if that’s something you usually reach for when you start to get a little tired. It’s zero calories, has 150mg of caffeine, has great flavors & gives you tunnel vision focus like no other energy drink has given me. Best part = no crash! *Use code STEFBARE for 10% all BPN products at any time!

Oct 11, 2021

Energy Boosting Tips & Must-Haves


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