Calling all hat gals! Wide & flat rim hats have become such staple year round in my closet – but especially in the Fall! I just think it cozy’s up & adds so much flare and style to any outfit. I love that it can jazz up a super casual outfit like leggings & a big tee, or it can be the perfect accessory when dressing up. If you don’t think you can rock a flat brim hat, I promise you girl – you can! Plus, it’s the best solution for lookin’ cute on a dirty hair day! Today I’m rounding up some of my favorite hat picks that you can rock this fall – shop them all down below!

Camel Flat Brim Hat – $50
Burgundy Wool Hat – $42
Black Tribal Ribbon Belt Hat – $139
Mocha Flat Brim Hat w/ Chain Belt – $40
Light Gray Flat Brim Wool Hat – $19
Beige Beaded Band Hat – $108
Ivory Flat Brim Hat – $129
Joanna Black Flat Brim Hat – $69
Black/Gold Brim Hat – $102
Olive Green/Brown Leather Band Hat – $79

Oct 13, 2021

Hats To Wear This Fall


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