I thought it was finally time to knock out this blog post! I wanted to create an FAQ “Masterlist” – a place where you can find answers to all of the common questions I receive via e-mail, DM’s, comments & more! I’m including links to all product questions & lots of links to other blog posts on my site that will give you more in-depth answers! I’ll always keep this up to date & add more as I get them! Enjoy! xo


Q: Where are your gold dainty necklaces from?
A: Depends on which one you’re talking about, ha! Y’all know I’m a sucker for a gold dainty necklace, and I’m constantly wearing at least one! I love to layer them. My everyday gold dainty necklaces include my mini cross necklace, my gold coin necklace from Resera (20% of the sales go to Love One, too!), and my mini initial necklace with the “n+s” on it, from Oak & Luna! I also have a whole blog post dedicated to gold dainty jewelry I love!

Q: Where are you favorite places to shop for clothes?
A: I do almost all of my shopping online! I love Vici, Revolve, Red Dress Boutique, Pink Lilly Boutique, Nordstrom, Target, Abercrombie & Madewell!

Q: What self tanner do you use?
A: Right now, I am loving all self-tanning products by Tan Luxe! They have great deals, their products are great quality & don’t leave me streaky…and I love the color it gives your skin! As far as my absolute favorites go, I love using The Face drops for self tanning my face, The Butter for a gradual everyday lotion, and Hydra Mousse for an extra-deep, more obvious tan. I love using Loving Tan’s self-tanning mitt for the mousse – it helps it go on streak free! Here’s another blog post with all of my glowing skin must-haves, including all of my favorite self tanning products!

Q: What curling iron do you use?
A: No matter the length of my hair, my favorite curling iron is T3’s 1.25 inch curling iron.

Q: What’s your every day lip color?
A: My every day lipsticis L’Oreal’s All Out Pout Matte Lipstick.

Q: What mascara do you use?
A: My all-time favorite mascara is Benefit’s Bad Gal Bang. The brush makes it easy to get every lash, it’s jet black & super volumizing!

Q: What do you ask for when you get your nails done/what color do you always get?
A: For my manicure, I always get S&S dip powder in OPI’s color Funny Bunny!

Q: What perfume do you wear?
A: I’ve worn Dolce & Gabbana The One for years!

Q: How often do you get botox? What do you ask for when you get it?
A: I started getting Dysport (a type of Botox) when I was 27! I wanted to start it for preventable measures – which it totally has! I don’t get a ton – just a little above my brow to give me a “brow lift”, a little sprinkle along the top of my forehead to decrease movement that causes creases/lines, and a little in-between my brows to prevent those “angry lines” that I get. I go to Saving Face in Austin, TX – and they are THE BEST! Seriously, they are one of the top injectors in the US. If you mention me, you can get 10% off your services!

Q: What are the brand of pajamas you love?
A: My favorite pajamas are by Bedhead! They are sooo light, comfortable & cute! You can use my code STEFBARE20 for 20% off your purchase with Bedhead!

Q: What’s your favorite face mask for preventing breakouts?
A: Hands down, the BEST face mask for preventing breakouts & clean pores is Revision Skincare’s Pore Purifying Clay Mask. It’s a life-saver for me when I feel a breakout coming on!


Q: What breeds are Ryder & Remi?
A: Ryder, who is our OG doodle…is a three-year-old Australian Labradoodle. He is considered a “medium” and weights about 40 lbs. Remi is a one-year-old Golden Doodle. She is a “standard” size and weights about 70 lbs! We got Ryder from a breeder in Michigan, Jubilee Labradoodles, and we got Remi from a small breeder near Dallas. I’m in close contact with Remi’s breeder & always will post on IG stories if a new litter has sweet pups available!

Q: Where are your living room couches from?
A: They are from Arhaus. They are the Ashby sofas in Cushing Frost.

Q: Where is your living room rug from?
A: It’s from Boutique Rugs! It’s the 9×12 Tripp area rug.

Q: What color paint is on your bedroom walls?
A: Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray. I also love SW’s Repose Gray! (it’s a little darker & on our office walls!)

Q: Where do you get your glass coffee mugs?
A: They are from Amazon! You can get a set of 6 for $22.99.

Q: What style is your engagement ring?
A: I have a round diamond in an oval halo! It’s on a white gold diamond band. We got it made at Calvin’s in Austin, TX!

Q: What are you favorite places to eat/things to do in Austin, TX?
A: I have a whole Austin, Texas travel guide/blog post for that! Check it out for all of my recommendations.

Q: Where is your bedroom furniture from?
A: Our bedroom set is the Cayden Campaign Collection from Restoration Hardware.

Q: What are your favorite podcasts to listen to?
A: Love a good podcast while I’m getting ready or driving! Here are some of my favorites:
– Bobby Bones Show (I listen to his show almost everyday – it’s silly & entertaining but always puts me in a good mood!)
– Meaning Full Living
– Let’s Be Cleere
– Elevation Church
– The Skinny Confidential
– Whoa That’s Good
– Riled Up
– Be Well By Kelly
– The Bare Performance Podcast
– Couple Things
– Off The Vine

Q: How do you make your coffee in the morning?
A: 9/10 mornings, I’m making my morning cup of coffee with our Nespresso! We have the white Vertuo Espresso Machine and I love it! I’ll just have one 7.7oz pod with a little bit of almond milk creamer and I’m good to go. As far as the pod flavors I like – I honestly can’t tell the difference, haha! As long as it has caffeine, I’m good!

Q: What bible do you read?
A: I love the She Reads Truth bible! It’s beautiful, easy to read, and has built-in devotionals & reading guides.


Q: What kind of Garmin watch do you have?
A: I wear the Garmin Venu & love it!

Q: What supplements do you take?
A: Obviously all BPN supplements! I have a whole blog post that goes over all of the supplements I take – when, why & all of the benefits! Remember, you can always use the code STEFBARE at checkout to get you 10% off your entire BPN order!

Q: What’s your workout routine look like?
A: It frequently changes – but one thing that never changes, is that it’s a solid mix of cardio & strength! My #1 love when it comes to working out is Soul Cycle (I have the at-home bike & love taking studio classes), and I also incorporate strength training, HIIT workouts & Orange Theory classes a couple times a week. Here’s a health & fitness Q&A I did a few months back that goes over my standard workout routine more in-depth!

Q: What are your favorite running shoes?
A: I love wearing my Hoka Rincons for running. No blisters, sore feet or nails – they have been my perfect match!

Q: What’s your favorite sports bra to wear?
A: The BEST sports bra in all of the land is this Zella Body Fusion Sports Bra from Nordstrom. It’s seamless, supportive, high-neck & super affordable and comes in a ton of different colors!

Q: What are your favorite workout leggings?
A: I always workout in Lululemon’s 25″ align leggings!

Q: What vitamins do you take day?
A: I have a whole blog post on my complete wellness routine! It includes all of the vitamins & wellness supplements I take on a daily basis.

Q: What silicone rings do you wear when you workout/don’t wear your wedding ring?
A: I have the silicone rings from Enso and I love them! They have so many cute styles – ones you can stack, braided, thicker ones – so many options!

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Jul 21, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions Masterlist


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