Let’s cut to the chase: laundry sucks! But doing in an organized, styled & clean space makes it suck a little less! In our new home, we were blessed with a phenomenal laundry room – it just needed a little love when it came to tile, paint & cabinets! I absolutely loveeee how it turned out, and now I dread laundry a little less! There are so many affordable, fun ways to jazz up your laundry room…and today I thought I’d share some of my favorite laundry products & decor that you can use in your laundry room/area!

DIVA Glamorous Laundry Detergent // also known as my “George Clooney Detergent”, haha! I nicknamed it that because it smells like how I would *hope* and think George Clooney smells. It’s SO GOOD Y’ALL! I love to wash our towels & sheets with it. I think it’s a bit much on clothes!
Black Wooden Clothes Pins // These are super cute as decor stored in glass jars or canisters.
Glass Cannisters w/ Matte Black Lids // great for storing detergent pods, clothes pins, etc.
Dryer Sheet Dispenser // it’s like a tissue box, but for your dryer sheets! so cute!
Clean/Dirty Reversible Sign // cute surface or shelf decor
Standing Garment Steamer // the only way I I get the wrinkles out of clothes! So much better than an iron in my opinion!
Glass Jar w/ Front Lid // I use this style jar for our Tide pods!
Laundress Signature Detergent // I don’t actually use this detergent, haha – I just use it for decor on our countertops because it’s so pretty!
Laundress Crease Release Spray // this stuff works, and is so pretty out on a shelf, tray or counter!
Laundress Fabric Fresh Spray // make your clothes/towels/sheets smell so yummy!
Wash & Dry Laundry Service Sign // cute decor for your laundry room walls
Lights/Darks Rolling Laundry Hamper // I LOVE this hamper! Helps me separate lights/darks easily!
Two Tiered Black Tray // great for decorating countertops/storing laundry items
Laundry Wall Hooks Sign // cute decor for your laundry room walls
Laundry Sign on Metal Hanger // cute decor for your laundry room walls
Metal+Cloth Hamper/Laundry Basket on Wheels // could be used as a laundry basket or hamper – either way, so modern & chic!

Jun 15, 2021

Laundry Must-Haves


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