Is there anything better than an at-home movie night?! More frequently now, Nick & I have been finding ourselves staying in on Friday nights after a long week to unwind, eat some yummy snacks, drink wine & turn on a movie! Y’all know I have a go-big-or-go-home mindset when it comes to pretty much any occasion or theme, so today I’m rounding up some items that will make your at-home movie nights THAT much more fun! Whether you are cozying up on your couch, or want to take it outdoors (that inflatable outdoor screen though!!) – here are some must-haves that will make everyone want to come over to your house for movie night!

Popcorn Bucket w/ Kernel Sifter
Solo Cups w/ Lids
Vintage Popcorn Cart Maker
Urban Accents Popcorn Seasoning Kit
Individual Red/White Plastic Popcorn Containers
20 Foot Outdoor Inflatable Projector Screen
HD Bluetooth Movie Projector Screen
Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair
Inflatable Sofa
Air Popcorn Popper
Long Stem Wine Glass
Movie Snack Trays

Oct 19, 2021

Movie Night Must-Haves


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