A few months ago, a blog post went up walking you through my morning routine from start to finish! I couldn’t leave ya hanging without a night routine & all of my must-haves that help me wind down after a long day…so here we are! It’s nothing too crazy or intense…but I do believe that how you spend the last few hours leading up to bed time dictates the quality of your sleep, and your overall wellness! Sleep is *everything* – truly, and I always make it a priority to get 7-8 hours of sleep each night, which I almost always hit!

I will say – I am *much* more consistent with my night time routine than I am with my morning routine. Sometimes, mornings are just crazy and the days look different…but my night routine always stays the same and no matter where I am – traveling or not, I always make the time and can’t get a good night’s sleep without it! It may look a little different when I travel, but for the most part…we make it happen! Alright, here we go!

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My Night Routine & Must-Haves

7:30/8pm: We’ve finished up dinner + start tidying up the house! I hate going to bed with a messy kitchen or house so we always do the dishes, clean the kitchen, put away all of the doggy toys, maybe do a quick vacuum sweep with our cordless vacuum, light some candles, water the plants, etc. This helps me start to wind down & clear my mind after the day!

8pm: Time to hop in the shower! I loooove a good hot shower before bed. This is where I actually start my skincare routine. I wash my face with Revision Skincare’s Papaya Enzyme Cleanser & 3-4x a week use Revision Skincare’s Finishing Touch beaded exfoliator – lately with TAO Clean’s Diamond Facial Brush. It’s an electronic facial brush that I keep in the shower & really gives my skin a deep clean/exfoliation. It’s the best way to really get that deep clean feeling after a long day. I’m obsessed! (TAO CLEAN code: STEFANY62 for 62% off!)

8:15pm: Post-shower, sometimes I’ll self-tan depending on the day…but I always moisturize immediately after showering! Right now I am loving Tan Luxe’s The Butter – it’s a gradual self-tanning lotion that gives me super natural, sun-kissed glow! I’ll moisturize my body, and then my face with Revision Skincare’s Hydrating Serum! A few nights a week, I’ll throw in a few drops of Tan Luxe’s The Face self tanning drops into my serum. I’ll pause my skincare routine for now, throw on some jammies, a comfy robe, slippers and glasses and then go get some quality time with the hubs. This is also when I take my supplements – which consists of a dropper full of my Equilibria CBD Daily Drops – I love these for calming my mind without even noticing! (code: STEFANYBARE will get you 15% off!) and magnesium capsules, which helps with digestion, sleep quality & stress.

8:30pm: This is where the real winding down starts! This is when Nick & I try to put our phones away & relax. Some nights, that’s enjoying a glass of wine on our front porch or on a gulf cart cruise (jammies & all, haha), or sometimes that’s throwing on Netflix or a show we’re watching, or reading a book outside as the sun sets. There’s nothing more I love than our quality time watching the sun set on our front porch – the ultimate ending to every day!

9:30pm: Time to get ready for bed! We let the pups out, and head to the bedroom to get ready for bed. For Nick, that means brushing his teeth, splashing some water on his face & crawling into bed. For me, not so much – haha! I know you girls can relate. I head back into the bathroom to finish up my skincare routine which consists of (in this order):
Revison Skincare Retinol 1.0 // anti-aging
Revision Skincare DEJ Eye Cream // decreases fine lines & wrinkles and hydrates the entire eye area
Revision Skincare Nectifirm // decreases fine lines & wrinkles on your neck/chest
Hello Body’s Coco Rich Lip Balm // moisturizes lips

After my PM skincare routine is complete, I’ll floss, brush my teeth & gargle some mouthwash (I use Lumineux’s Whitening System) Now it’s time to head into the bedroom!

9:45pm: This is the portion of my night routine that I like to call the “ambiance routine” haha – this is when we get our bedroom perfectly comfy & ready for us to get the best night’s sleep EVER. Basically, we turn our bedroom into a lavender/eucalyptus scented wind tunnel. No joke, haha! For us, the best sleep is cold sleep…so we turn the thermostat down to 67, turn on our Dyson Cool Link Air Purifier & Fan, and here’s where it gets REAL extra. For the record, this is not my doing (lol), it’s Nick’s!

Nick is a big dude & he radiates a lot of heat, and he used to frequently wake up drenched in sweat. So he took to the internet to find a solution and stumbled across the ChilliSleep – a cooling mattress pad that actually connects to a tank that pumps out water that circulates through the pad to keep your mattress cool at whatever temperature you prefer. TOLD YOU it was extra! We have the king size pad for our bed, and I personally didn’t like how cold it got so I just keep my side turned off. But I will say, sometimes on hot summer nights I’ll roll over to his side and it is quite cool and refreshing, ha! So if you or your spouse tends to overheat, this may be a great solution for y’all!

Finally, I fill up & plug in my humidifier that is on my nightstand. This has been game-changing for the quality of my sleep! No more allergies, dry throat/stuffy nose, and my skin feels so much more hydrated when I wake up. I love it! Mine is currently sold out on Amazon, but this one has amazing reviews and is super similar! I love to add in a few drops of eucalyptus to really freshen up & cool the room. When I’m traveling, I’ll bring along this travel humidifier if it’s during a dry season or I’m not feeling well – it makes the biggest difference, I’m telling ya!

Last but not least, I’ll mist our pillows with Nite Time Lavender Spray. It really relaxes me & has become a scent that I associate with sleep. I always bring this while traveling & it usually does the trick if I can’t fall asleep. I also sleep on a silk pillowcase which has been great for the health of my hair & skin.

10/10:30pm: Time for some pillow talk & sleep! We try to keep the TV watching in the living room for the most part, to get as much sleep as we can! I’ll make sure my Hatch Restore sunrise alarm clock is set for the morning…and we are out for the night! Sweet dreams! xo

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Aug 10, 2021

My Night Routine


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