Today we are talking about all of my wellness must-haves when it comes to pregnancy! The pillows, powders, potions & products I’ve been loving into my second trimester. Taking care of myself & my body has always been a priority for me, but it’s grown so much more ever since being pregnant with our baby girl. I try to aways be mindful that everything I put into my body, is also impacting the health & growth of our baby girl – and try to make decisions based upon that. But don’t worry, I still give into those guilty-pleasure cravings once in a while…haha no one is perfect! If you are newly pregnant, I hope this gives you some insight into what’s been helping me wellness-wise, and what could potentially help you. **Keep in mind that I am not a doctor, and these are the products that have been working well for me, my body & my baby. If you disagree with any of my opinions are products I take, that’s okay! When in doubt, always consult your doctor. We are all on different journeys! xo

Ritual Prenatal Vitamins // These are the prenatal vitamins I took the entire time we were trying to conceive & throughout my first & second trimester, BUT: I have recently switched. I wanted to still include these, because I did love them…but more recently my body has just *not* been agreeing with these so I had to switch (I also included the ones I switched to, below). This is a great prenatal. Has all of the bases covered. But there is a fishy aftertaste, that you tend to “burp” up all day. I definitely could not take these on an empty stomach. But more recently, right around 18-19 weeks…the fishy taste was throwing my nausea over the edge. I don’t get sick often now, but when I have – it’s right after I take these. I even tried to take them before bed, and it still affected me the morning after. So, I decided to switch due to the fishiness & I’ve been good so far! It’s crazy because the fishiness didn’t bug me or make me nauseous up until this point, but I guess my body is just changing & doesn’t love it anymore!

Thorne Prenatal Vitamins // These are the prenatal I have recently switched to, and so far – so good! According to Nick, this has a *much* more solid, packed nutrient & ingredient list than the Ritual vitamins, so that also made me feel better about switching. No fishy taste whatsoever, and I’ve had no issues so far. I kind of wish I was taking these all along! I’m sure I’ll stick with these in future pregnancies, too.

BPN Strong Reds Superfood Powder // I love adding a scoop of this into my morning green juice. It’s packed with antioxidant, helps increase blood flow, regulate digestion & fill nutrient gaps in your diet. Use code STEFBARE for 10% off your BPN order!

BPN Strong Omega Fish Oil // This is a newer product from BPN & I’m so glad it launched when it did! Nick & I have been taking this long before it launched – it’s truly an amazing, high-quality fish oil supplement. Nick is adamant on me *never* skipping a day of fish oil…the benefits in pregnancy and for baby are GREAT! I love this formula because there is no fishy aftertaste, which is hard to find! We keep ours in the fridge to maintain the freshness & quality. Use code STEFBARE for 10% off your BPN order!

Canopy Humidifier // a humidifier is a must while pregnant! I sleep with one bedside year round, but it’s been especially great during pregnancy, due to some increased congestion here & there, and dryness in skin! I love this one because it’s dishwasher safe & anti-mold!

BPN Collagen Protein // I still keep up with my daily collagen intake throughout pregnancy! It helps protect my cartilage & joints (which take a beating throughout pregnancy, I will say!) – and also is great for the health of hair, skin & nails…all of which I’m seeing changes in already! BPN’s collagen is unscented, blends perfectly & is so easy to fit into your daily diet! Use code STEFBARE for 10% off your BPN order!

Magnesium Glycinate // I’ve always taken magnesium at night, but I definitely “upped” the quality of the magnesium supplement I was taking once I got pregnant. I have found that it’s been great for digestion & quality sleep.

Pregnancy Pillow // I don’t know why I tried to put off the whole pregnancy pillow thing as long as possible, but I finally started using one at 19 weeks and oh my goodness, it’s life-changing! A friend recommended this one from Amazon, and it is truly amazing. It helps keep me on my side, has made sleeping soooo much more comfortable, and in turn I wake up feeling more rested.

Hatch Natural Belly Oil // my favorite natural belly oil to *hopefully* prevent stretch marks! I love this one because it’s super moisturizing, without being greasy. The scent is very subtle. I apply this right when I get out of the shower, and will probably start to use it twice a day as my belly grows!

Divi Scalp Serum // I haven’t seen the luscious, fast-growing hair that a lot of women talk about in pregnancy. In fact, I’ve seen the opposite! My hair seems to be a bit more dryer & brittle, and has become a lot more prone to breakage since I’ve been pregnant. I use this scalp serum to help with scalp health & hair growth – it’s pregnancy & breastfeeding safe, and doesn’t leave your hair greasy at all! I use this every night before bed.

1 Gallon Water Jug // Although it’s a little uncomfortable as my bladder grows to be more & more squished each day, staying hydrated has been EXTRA important to me throughout pregnancy. It’s helped with my energy, digestion and helps prevent headaches. I have still been trying to hit my gallon a day – although I am going to the bathroom *much* more often now, haha!

Thorne DiCalcium Malate // Although there’s a good amount of calcium in my prenatal, it’s a vitamin that I really want to make sure I’m getting enough of throughout pregnancy for myself, and baby. Healthy bones are so important – and I love this formula!

Feb 22, 2022

My Pregnancy Wellness Must-Haves

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