Today, we I’m compiling a list of all of the *random* things that I am buying time after time from Amazon! Whether it’s a product that I can’t find in stores, or it’s just something that when I need it, *I need it now*, haha – these are the things that are either on my “subscribe & save” list…or thing that are frequently showing up at my door because I can’t live without it! Remember that you can always shop all of my Amazon favorites on my storefront by category, here!

Lumify Redness Reliever Eye Drops // if you are a contacts wearer like me, or just someone who suffers from dry/red eyes from time to time – this stuff is MAGIC! Makes (and keeps) your eyes SO white!
Great Lakes Gelatin Collagen // my favorite collagen to put in coffee & smoothies – you can’t taste it, there’s no texture, you hardly know it’s in there!
Previlli Healthy Gut Prebiotic // my favorite prebiotic to take that helps maintain the health of my gut, skin & digestive system!
Doggie Daily Probiotics // these have been a life saver for keeping both of our doodles regular in the #2 department!
Glam Wash Laundry Detergent // I love using this detergent to wash our sheets & towels with. Smells so luxurious and good, but it’s not too overpowering!
Balsamic Vinegar Glaze // I can’t find this in ANY store – thankfully amazon has it! The best tasting balsamic glaze to cook with.
Feetures Athletic Ankle Sock // The only sock I can do anything active in! They help prevent blisters, they are comfy & are great for running, too!
Tinkle Facial Razors // my favorite razors to use to “derma plane” my face – gets rid of all of those dead skin cells & peach fuzz so my skin is baby soft!
World’s Best Glass Cleaner // We have a ton of glass doors & windows in our home, and with two doodles – they are constantly dirty! This stuff is truly the BEST – gets any glass surface crystal clear.
Professional Strength Fabric Cleaner // This is the *best* fabric cleaner I’ve ever found & used! I’m convinced it can get any stain out of any fabric. I can’t find it in stores, so Amazon it is!

Nov 24, 2021

My Top 10 Repeat Amazon Purchases

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