STRETCHMARKS! No one wants them, but so many of us get them! Before we get into this review, I want to start off by saying that there is *nothing* wrong or shameful about stretchmarks. Of course none of us would choose to get stretchmarks if we had the choice…but truthfully, they are little battle scars from creating, growing & birthing a HUMAN! How beautiful and miraculous that? And have you ever heard a mama say that the stretchmarks weren’t worth it? No way! So I just want to remind you all, to *try* to not be so hard on yourself about the body changes you are going through in. I know it’s easier said than done, trust me – but all of our bodies are SO different. You can’t compare your pregnancy journey to anyone else’s. When it comes down to it, I truthfully feel that whether you get stretchmarks or not is mostly determined from genetics…not whether or not you used fancy lotions and potions. That being said, using the fancy lotions & potions to prevent & repair stretchmarks can’t hurt, ya know! I’d rather do everything I can to prevent them than not do anything at all – what do you have to lose, right?!

Throughout my pregnancy I’ve ordered & been gifted lots of different belly balms, lotions, oils & butters…and I’ve tried so many of them! I’ve loved some, and not loved some as much…so today I’m spilling the tea on some popular products…and hopefully this can help you decide which may be the right fit for you & your growing belly. (and boobs, lol!)

Read all of my thoughts & shop the products below! xo

HATCH Mama Belly Oil ($58) // This is for all of my bouji, big-spender mamas out there, lol! But really, as you can see – this belly oil is significantly more expensive than the others…and truthfully I understand why! I got this oil as gift, and it’s the first one that I stuck with and finished completely. The bottle is absolutely gorgeous, I love that it comes with a dropper for each application – and it’s one of the only belly oils that is indeed an oil, but doesn’t make your skin feel oily. It soaks in immediately, isn’t greasy, and has a very subtle citrus smell. I would definitely say this is a luxury item – but in my opinion it was worth the money. It lasted me from weeks 12-25!
Body Boost Milk & Honey Stretch Mark Butter ($15) // This was the stretch mark butter that my sister sweared by during her pregnancy. It’s at a great price point, and I do love the way this butter feels. I would say it feels more like a very cooling, whipped, thicker lotion. You can tell immediately upon application that is is VERY hydrating, which I love. The smell is almost non-existent, it’s kind of a fresh, hydrating smell. Nick also has stolen this one to use as body lotion, if that tells you anything. Very hydrating!
Bio-Oil Body Oil ($14) // Another product at a great pricepoint! This is the body oil that I’ve definitely seen the most hype around – it has 119,000 reviews on Amazon! I had high expectations for this oil due to all of the rave reviews…and while it is VERY hydrating, it does leave a greasy residue. It’s an oil that definitely feels like…well, an oil! This was definitely a before-bed only oil for me, I feel like my belly would feel greasy and sticky if I put it on in the morning underneath my clothes. The smell is almost non-existent, and it definitely does the job when it comes to locking in moisture. Maybe a little too much, haha!
Earth Mama Belly Oil ($18) // This is a very popular, natural brand when it comes to pregnancy products, so I was excited to try! It has a little spray, pump bottle cap – so it’s easy to apply directly to your skin. One of the first things I noticed, was the scent. It’s a very strong citrus herbal smell…one that I didn’t necessarily love. It was a little too strong to me. This oil also left a little bit of a greasy residue, which kind of made the smell linger even more. As far as hydration & moisturizing goes, it definitely does the job though.
Summer Fridays Babymoon Belly Balm ($29) // I was excited to try this one because I LOVE this brand and all of their products. The packaging is gorgeous and their labels are impressive & clean. I was super surprised by the texture of this balm the first time I squeeze it out of the bottle – it’s almost like a less-water version of vaseline. It’s definitely not a lotion – but I still really liked it. This would be another product that I would probably only apply at night….your hands after applying definitely need a good wash. But, I liked the way this balm made my skin feel and it really kept it moisturized a long time!
Nemah Repair & Prevention Stretch Mark Cream ($34) // This is the newest cream that I’ve tried and I LOVE this one! It’s all natural, comes in beautiful packaging (easy to travel with) – and has an amazing texture. It kind of feels like a cooling hand lotion when you first apply, and a little really goes a long way. The scent is subtle, but natural. It’s a moderate price, and definitely feels like a luxury product. I’m excited to try other products from this line for mama’s!
Honest Mama Glow On Body Oil ($16) // Honest is a very reputable brand in the mama/baby space – so I also had high expectations for this one, too! The packaging is beautiful & the product is quality, but you REALLY do not need a lot of this oil. I made the mistake the first time of putting too much on, and it was a little difficult to rub in/let soak in. On the plus side, this bottle would definitely last you a long time! It’s unscented, which I liked, too!

Apr 4, 2022

Pregnancy Belly Products Review

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