There’s so many changes that come with pregnancy – not going to lie, it’s been a tad overwhelming! Mostly because of this thing called “Google”…haha! It just gets overwhelming at times when researching information on what you should & shouldn’t use…I’ve learned that there is a “yes” and “no” answer for every single product out there! So what I’ve done, is go my gut, read labels, and reach out to my doctor or nurse if I’m really questioning something. Every mama-to-be is unique & has different comfort levels with different products, and thats perfectly okay! You may not feel safe using self tanner, but I have no problem with it! We’re all on different journeys and that’s what makes them so beautiful. Today I’m rounding up all of the skincare I’ve been using during pregnancy this far – read all about each product & shop them down below!

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Revision Skincare Papaya Enzyme Cleanser // my go-to gentle cleanser I’ve always used! Was so happy to hear that it was okay for me to use while pregnant, my skin never feels cleaner than after using this. I use this morning & night.
Hatch Belly/Stretchmark Oil // I am OBSESSED with this belly oil! It’s the only belly oil that I’ve found that doesn’t leave your stomach greasy and sticky. It absorbs instantly, giving your belly a moisturized glow. You can literally put on clothes right after. Right after showering, I lather up my entire midsection – below my neck all the way down to the bottom of my belly! The smell is a very subtle citrus.
Tan Luxe The Face Self Tanning Drops // The only way I’ll self tan my face! About 3x a week I’ll put a few drops of this into my nightly moisturizer. You wake up with a healthy, natural glow!
Revision Skincare C+ Correcting Complex 30% // my ride-or-die when it comes to a Vitamin C product! This has helped even out my skin tone so much, and brought so much brightness to my complex year round.
Honest Mama Bump Care Kit // This would be a great gift for any expecting mama! It comes with a belly oil, soothing gel, body butter & body lotion. It all smells so good & leave you so moisturized!
Revision Skincare Hyrating Serum // my favorite nighttime moisturizer. This is what I use when using the Tan Luxe The Face self tanning drops.
Revision Skincare Pore Purifying Clay Mask // my favorite mask for an ultimate skin detox! It cleans your pores without drying them out.
Vanity Planet Facial Steamer // For when I need a little extra pampering or moisture!
Revision Skincare Revox Line Relaxer // this has been a life saver for me since botox is a no-no during pregnancy! I apply this in the areas that I usually would get botox (forehead, in-between brows) to hopefully keep those lines away during my time without botox!
Tan Luxe The Butter Gradual Self Tanner // my favorite gradual self-tanner to use all over during pregnancy (and not while pregnant!)
Spa Headband // Love using this during my AM & PM skincare routines!
Revision Skincare Intellishade Tinted SPF Moisturizer // I still use this daily as my tinted moisturizer/SPF. My favorite Revision product, hands down!

Jan 19, 2022

Pregnancy Skincare Favorites

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