One of the closet items that I just cannot get myself to splurge on, are purses! I’m just not a big spender when it comes to handbags – I think for a couple reasons! Mine somehow always take quite a beating and I seem to go through purses pretty quickly…pen ink, gum, dirt…you name it – purses just aren’t something that stay in tip top shape for me, haha! So, I’ve always leaned on more affordable options, that way when they wear & tear, (or I lose them, lol) – it’s no biggie! So if you’re like me – you’ll love today’s round-up. I’m sharing some of my favorite affordable handbag finds – that are all still really trendy and cute. I’m a big fan of crossbody bags – so you’ll find a ton of those! Also, the purse in the photo in this blog post isn’t included in the round-up because it’s currently sold-out….wah! But, if you want to check it out & get on the waitlist…here is the link for the fringe tote! It’s from Vici & also comes in gray!

Light Gray Crossbody – $30
Black/Gold Crossbody – $25
Tan Crossbody – $30
Straw Clutch – $20
Suede Tassel Crossbody – $29
Clear & Black Clutch – $30
Brown Fringe Purse – $20
Black Fringe Crossbody – $24
Black & Gold Backpack Purse – $24
Nude Dumpling Clutch – $26
White/Gold Round Purse – $30
Faux Suede Nude/Gold Clutch – $25

Aug 4, 2021

Affordable Purse Round-Up


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