Charli has officially started eating solids and y’all, IT IS SO FUN! I knew she was ready for something other than bottles right around 5 months, when she started to get really interested in the food we were eating. Well, I was right – the girl has been loving her purees and truly looks forward to them each day now!

It can definitely be an overwhelming thing to add into your baby’s routine, especially as a first time mom – there are so many methods, gadgets & things you need to know! I did some research online (I highly recommend Solid Starts), and truly just trusted my mother’s intuition when it came with which method was best for us. We started with homemade purees, and she’s been loving it so far. It’s such a special time in our day that we both look forward to! (It’s also another great way to fill some time during awake time, haha!)

Right now, food is purely just an additive for fun and learning. Charli’s milk intake hasn’t changed at all. The goal is to start introducing more (actual) solid foods when she hits 6-7 months. I’ve really enjoyed making the purees for her and seeing which foods she loves most!

Today I thought that it would be helpful to other new mama’s to round-up some of the feeding accessories & essentials that have been very helpful during our journey so far. Shop everything down below!

Beaba Glass Baby Food Maker (Processor & Steamer) (we invested in the glass option because we plan to use this for all the future babies! Beaba does have other great plastic options that are priced lower!)
B. Well Silicone Bib, Bowl & Spoon Set
Multiportions Silicone Baby Food Storage
Mini Silicone Chewtensils
Food Container Label Stickers
Silicone Suction Plates
Beaba Silicone Spoons
Silicone Suction Baby Bowl with Lid
Silicone Bibs
Bumbo Seat
Bumbo Attachable Tray
Food Storage Containers

Jan 4, 2023

Baby Feeding Favorites


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