Sophie The Giraffe Teether Toy // This is such a great (large) size teether – and it squeaks! She loves it!
Wooden Musical Instrument Set // I knew after seeing how much Charli enjoyed music class, that we had to get some instruments to play with at home. This is SO FUN!
Halo Cotton Sleepsack // Her current sleep sack of choice!
Bear Sippy Bottles // This is what we use during meal-times when she needs sips of water or formula to wash down her food! It’s a great way to have them practice & learn how to use a straw. You can also squeeze it to control the water!
Breathable Mesh Crib Liner // This has been our saving GRACE when it comes to sleeping! We added this mesh crib liner across the bars in her crib, and I truly believe it helps her sleep so much better. It’s very “snoo” like – and makes her feel more enclosed in. It also prevents her from whacking her head or getting her limbs stuck in-between bars on the crib.
Nugget Play Couch // Our newest addition to the playroom! This play couch is so fun – you can configure it into so many shapes and play structures.
Silicone Suction Plate // Our favorite plate for meal-time! It suctions to her high chair so she can’t flip the plate.
Bath Sit-Up Seat // We officially graduated from the mini bath, to the big girl bath! This is the eat she uses in our tub and it’s so perfect – keeps her upright and safe!
House of Noa Playmat // These playmates are GORGEOUS! We got this one for our playroom so she can roll & crawl around safely. It looks like a rug, we’re obsessed.
Lovevery 7-8 Month Developmental Play Kit // Probably my favorite playkit so far from Lovevery! She loves the balls, ball dispenser & bath cups.
Fisher Price Baby’s First Blocks // The simplest toy, that she never gets sick of. haha!
Foam Ball Pit // she finally can sit up comfortably in the ball pit and LOVES it! It keeps her entertain for a good chunk of time.

Feb 20, 2023

Charli’s Favorites: 6/7 Months


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