It’s the most wonderful time of the year – for most of us! I can’t imagine how exhausted & overworked the amazing delivery drivers of the world feel during the big holiday shopping rush that takes place pretty much from fall, into the new year! Pre-pandemic, the world was already pretty much virtual…but these days, everyone is buying *everything* online, which means less work for us, more work for them!

I’ve seen this trend go around a lot the last couple of years, and I was so excited to join the fun this year & spread a little holiday cheer to the wonderful delivery drivers that make frequent (okay…daily, LOL) visits to our doorstep! Think about it – they are always on the go, lifting and dropping off heavy boxes, and working long hours…the least we could do is give them a snack, drink or a little something extra they may be wishing they had along their route!

I put our appreciation goodie basket out about a week ago, and it’s been *so* fun seeing our delivery drivers get all jolly when they realize it’s all for them. It’s truly the least we could do – so today I thought I’d share some ideas on what you can include if you are wanting to make your own appreciation basket!

Etsy has tons of adorable printable signs that are great for instant-downloading & printing out to include so they know the surprise is for them! Here’s the one I used, it’s only $3!

Here’s a list of things that would be great to include to treat your delivery drivers:
– Gatorade
– Water
– Energy Drinks
– Gum
– Candy
– Granola/Protein Bars
– Bags of chips, crackers, nuts, etc.
– Hand sanitizer
– Hand lotion
– Chapstick
– Kleenex
– Jerky or beef sticks
– Mints/jolly ranchers
– Trail mix
– Liquid IV packets

Dec 7, 2021

Delivery Driver Appreciation Basket


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