Fall Stovetop “Pot”-Pourri

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Who needs an expensive fall candle when you a kitchen filled with spices & fresh fruit?! Truly, that’s all you need to make your home smell like a fall heaven. This is the little home + entertaining trick you never knew you needed – stovetop “pot”-pourri! 

If you have guests coming over, or just want your house to smell *amazing* with all of the fall scents – try this out, and definitely feel free to add anymore of your favorite flavors, spices, or scents. The key is to keep it on a low-simmer on your stovetop, and within minutes your house will smell like an expensive candle. It’s the best! 


  • water

  • 1 medium/large apple

  • 1 medium/large orange

  • cinnamon sticks

  • fresh ginger (a small/medium piece)

  • 1 TB pumpkin pie spice

  • 1 TB whole cloves


  • Fill a pot about halfway with water. Add in all ingredients.
  • Place on stove on a low heat until you hear it start to simmer. Then, lower the heat to a low to medium simmer.
  • Feel free to keep it going on the stove for a few hours! Add water when necessary. 
  • Another option would be to add all of the ingredients (including about 5 cups of water) into a crockpot, and cook on low with the top off.

Sep 23, 2021

Fall Stovetop “Pot”-Pourri

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