This was a blog post idea that popped in my mind last minute & I got *so* excited to share this with y’all. You know that I am a sucker for a good bargain, a good deal & a good discount code. I’m all about the deals. But, there are certain products & things that I have purchased, or should I say invested in throughout my adult, married life…and while the splurge may have initially hurt a little, they’ve been SO worth it. There’s also a lot of splurges that aren’t worth it in my opinion (that’s a whole other blog post)…but today I want to talk about the ones that ARE! The splurges that have been worth every single penny, that we use nonstop, and that we will always recommend. So if you were on the fence about a certain product or pulling the trigger on a better quality option – I hope this blog post can be an honest guide for you that will help you make your decision! In no particular order…here we go!

  1. Boll & Branch Ultraweight Down Duvet Insert // Whenever I leave a nice hotel or resort – I always am determined to figure out where they get their super fluffy, lush & insanely comfortable duvet inserts. In the past, I’ve always had the problem of my duvet insert not fully filling the cover – leaving it looking flat and sad. Well, I finally cracked the code y’all, and this down duvet insert from Boll & Branch has changed the game! Those fluffy duvet inserts feel luxurious for a reason…they are expensive! So when I decided to finally pull the trigger and purchase the ultraweight duvet insert after reading the reviews…it was love at first sleep & it was worth every penny. It’s thick, soft, lush – and here’s the best part: it somehow doesn’t make us hot! Maybe it’s because we keep our bedroom so cold, haha – but we’ve used it all summer with no problems. So if you are after that fluffy, luxurious look…this is the insert you need! Make sure you get the *ultraweight*.
  2. Traeger Wood Pellet Grill // This was one of Nick’s splurges that is probably one of the purchases we have gotten more than our money’s worth. I’m sure you’ve heard of the infamous wood pellet burning Traeger Grills…and for a good reason. They are incredible and will make you never want to use your regular grill (or oven) again. It makes everything taste so much more flavorful and cooks like no other grill on the market. We truly use it almost every single night – year round. I love how you can pretty much cook anything on it…from meats, to vegetables, to french fries, pizza, dessert and more. The options are endless and so delicious!
  3. Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic Robe // This isn’t a *huge* splurge…but I still think paying over a $100 for a robe can be a bit much – but this one is worth it y’all. I live in my cozy chic robe, year round. It’s what I lounge in at night, it’s what I throw on right out of the shower, and it’s just the most comforting, soft cozy thing ever. They are such good quality, they hold up really well (I’ve had mine for years, and it just fits better & better with time)….and they have so many cute color options!
  4. Dyson Pure Cool Tower Fan & Air Purifier // I wasn’t planning on this particular splurge, until we got rid of the ceiling fan in our room to put a light fixture up instead. It was a debate in our household…but when the light fixture won, I told Nick that I would find the best tower fan out there so we could still stay cool at night & use it for white noise. We’ve had this fan for about 3 months, and we’ve been sleeping better than ever. First of all, it’s much more chic looking than your average tower fan, it’s practically a WIND TUNNEL (which I love at night), and it has the added bonus of an air purifier. If you are a fan person at night time, you will love this fan.
  5. Sofa with Performance Fabric // One of the most popular questions I get, is how I keep our light, practically-white, sofas clean with two crazy doodles. The answer is PERFORMANCE FABRIC! I linked our particular sofa if you are interested (we have it in the color/fabric cushing snow), but this splurge is really about the fabric. If you have dogs or kids, investing in a sofa with performance fabric will change your life. It’s a lot more expensive, for a reason. But almost any couch nowadays has the option to upgrade to a performance fabric. Ours is Crypton fabric – which is this magical fabric where you can spill practically anything on it, and all you need is a rag, water and *sometimes* dish soap, and the stain magically disappears. Goodbye pawprints, dirt and red wine. Seriously!
  6. Revision Skincare Retinol // This has been my best splurge and *investment* when it comes to my skin! Taking care of my skin is a huge priority of mine, and one of the best products for anti-aging is Retinol. Revision Skincare’s retinol is worth EVERY penny – it’s been the only retinol that doesn’t leave my skin red, dry and irritated. It reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, leaves your skin looking more youthful & plump, while also boosting your skin’s hydration levels (which a lot of other retinol’s do NOT do!).
  7. Vitamix Blender // Another splurge that I use literally every single day! You guys know how much I love my morning smoothie – and man, my morning smoothies got so much more delicious and enjoyable once we upgraded to the Vitamix. We actually got this as a gift on our wedding registry, and it was one of our favorite gifts ever! It’s smoothie-shop level…I’m telling ya. It makes the thickest, smoothest smoothies and shakes ever. It’s also great for food processing, and making sauces & soups!
  8. Able Convertible Backpack // This is one of my more recent splurges and I am truly obsessed! I have never been a gal who splurges on handbags – I just am way too rough with them and go through them fast. I also hate carrying a tradition purse or handbag where your shoulder feels like it’s about to fall off after carrying it around for a couple of hours. So, when I stumbled across this beautiful covertible, leather backpack from Able…I knew I met my match. It’s real leather (hence the price) – so it smells and feels AMAZING. And, it just looks and wears better with time. It can fit all of my things, and I love that it can be a back pack or a purse. I won’t be buying a new bag or purse for years!
  9. Lululemon Align Leggings // This probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you, but I couldn’t leave these off the list because they are probably the biggest staple in my closet. I wear aligns every day – and in my opinion, there are truly no other leggings out there like them. Other brands have come close, and I’ve tried to find other options because yes, these are pricey. But I always find myself going back to the buttery softness of Lululemon aligns. I love the 25″ inch – that length works perfect on my 5’4 frame. This is one of those products that you can never have enough of, and if you know….you know.
  10. Soul Cycle At-Home Bike // Last but not least, my baby. My most prized possession in our home…okay maybe not the *MOST* but it’s up there with my hubs, my pups, and my wedding rings – haha! Nick surprised me with the At-Home Soul Cycle Bike last year, just a few months after it came out. I love spin…it’s always been of my favorite types of workouts. But my real love is for Soul Cycle, specifically. When I moved to Austin and took my first class, I fell in love. It’s different than a lot of there spin classes and way different than Peloton, which is why I held out from getting one, in hopes that Soul Cycle would drop a bike of their own. Thankfully, they did – and I’m on it all of the time. Personally, and I can say from experience – I’ve been on both the Soul Cycle Bike & Peloton, and I personally think the Soul Cycle Bike blows Peloton out of the water. The quality of the bike, the quality of the software & the classes – truly unmatched. If you love Soul Cycle classes…this should be a no brainer for you if you are debating on what at-home bike to purchase. It’s truly identical to the in-person experience. I’ll do a full review blog post on my bike soon…I definitely owe that to y’all.

Sep 27, 2021

My Top 10 “Worth It” Splurge Purchases


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