Today, we are talking about all things KITCHEN ORGANIZATION! Let’s face it, it’s definitely one of the more challenging places in the home to keep organized, so I frequently find myself re-organizing every few months or so…but I love that I always stumble across new, fun organizational gadgets to take my cabinet, pantry & countertop organization to the next level. No more overflowing, crowded, messy cabinets – everything has its place! Today I’m sharing some of my favorite, affordable finds when it comes to keeping your kitchen clutter-free. Almost everything is from Amazon, so you can get to organizing ASAP! Shop everything in the links down below.

Stackable Water Bottle Holder // we love using these for shakers bottles & YETI tumblers!
Over Cabinet Plastic Bag Dispenser // if you save grocery bags, this is a great way to keep them organized.
Over The Cabinet Cutting Board Organizer // such a cool way to keep all of your cutting boards in an easy-to-grab place!
Cooking Pan Rack Holder // love this for storing pans – also prevents scratches!
Bamboo Expandable Drawer Organizer // these are the organizers we use for our silverware & other cooking utensils.
Clear Pantry Organizing Bins // great for pantry organization
Bakeware/Baking Sheet Organizer // a way to finally organize all of those different sized baking sheets!
Airtight Food Storage Containers // love these for storing things like cereal, oats, baking ingredients, rice, pasta, etc. in the pantry.
Tupperware Lid Organizer // the toughest thing to keep organized – tupperware! You can stack or next the bottoms and use this to organize all of the lids.
Lazy Susan Organizer // great for snacks or cleaning supplies under the sink!
Spice Jar Labels // love this for an organized spice cabinet or rack.
Kitchen Wrap Organizer Rack // finally a way to organize foil, parchment paper, plastic bags, etc!
In-Drawer Knife Organizer // a great alternative to an on-counter knife holder. Love that you can hide them in a drawer.
Baking Ingredient Canisters // such a fun & pretty way to store baking ingredients on your counter, freeing up cabinet or pantry space.
3 Tier Expandable Spice Rack // the racks we use to organize all of our spices in the spice cabinet.

Aug 31, 2021

Kitchen Organization Hacks


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