Last year, there obviously wasn’t a whole lot of traveling going on – which was bittersweet for us! Nick & I both live out-of-state from our family & a lot of our friends, which means we are hopping on planes quite frequently for holidays, special occasions and to visit friends and family. The pandemic paused a lot of that travel for us…which was sad because we were so far from our love ones, but at the same time, it was a nice little break for us to just be at home. Traveling can be exhausting for many reasons – it throws off your routine & can make it more difficult to stay healthy. Sometimes, your body just feels out of whack when you’re not home, ya know? Well, after years of being a frequent flyer, I’d like to think that I have become somewhat of an expert when it comes to traveling and still feeling healthy and my best.

Now that people are traveling more, I thought it would be a great time to talk about all of the things Nick & I do when traveling to stay *somewhat* healthy & feeling good. From things we bring, don’t bring – to how we manage to get workouts in from anywhere…here are my top tips for staying healthy while traveling!

Tip 1: Pack & Bring All Of Your Vitamins & Supplements

For the longest time, I didn’t do this – and I wondered why I felt off! If something makes you feel good, don’t stop taking it girl! Even when traveling. I used to think, “ah, it’s just a few days. I’ll be fine without it!” – but when your body is used to something, I found that going without it even just for a few days can throw everything off. I know vitamins & supplements aren’t the easiest things to pack – but there are more efficient ways to bring along all of your wellness goodies! I love this giant, AM/PM pill container to hold all of my vitamins. It’s compact, stays closed & can fit tons of pills in each box. For powdered supplements, I love these “scoopie” containers – it’s a travel scoop/funnel to store your powders in while traveling!

Another great tip for supplements: load up on samples! If you are BPN fan, we have tons of sample-sized packs of BPN supplements that are great to bring along while traveling.

One supplement I CANNOT live without any day, but especially while traveling: BPN Strong Greens. No more travel tummy, no more bloating or constipation that frequently comes with travel. If you aren’t taking Strong Greens by now, what are you doing!? (remember my code STEFBARE can always get you 10% off!)

And if you’re curious, I’ll link my daily wellness routine blog post here. It’s were I go in-depth on all of the supplements & vitamins I take and why!

Tip 2: Get Some Type Of Movement In Everyday

If you’re like me – you feel your best when you get in some type of movement everyday. I don’t even want to call it a “workout” – because sometimes, rest is needed…but even on my “rest” days, I like to move my body in some way. Especially after flying, my body feels out of of whack. My digestion is off, I feel sluggish & fatigued -and almost all of that goes away as soon as I move my body. During a lot of our trips, we don’t have time for a full, intense training session or workout class…so sometimes, that means going on a long walk, or a jog. Maybe it’s knocking out some bodyweight squats and push-ups. Just something to get my blood flowing always makes me feel better while traveling.

Tip 3: Get a Workout In When You Can

When we *do* have the time, Nick & I love to get a full workout in when we are traveling. That’s when we feel our best – so we get it in when we can. With that being said, there are plenty of occasions like vacations or trips that are jam-packed schedule wise where working out is not a priority and we go without it for a few days. No way is wrong, but let me tell ya: we never regret getting a quick workout in. Nick loves to run on trips because you can literally run anywhere, and you don’t need any equipment. Running or hiking is usually a go-to workout for me during travel as well, just because it’s so convenient and it’s a fun way to explore the area you are in. I also love to bring along my mini-resistance bands – they weigh nothing, are super easy to pack…and there are tons of fun, quick & challenging workouts on YouTube & Pinterest to knock out with just your bands. Even if you don’t have resistance bands, there are tons of challenging & quick bodyweight-only workouts on YouTube!

Also: take advantage of & support the local fitness scene wherever you are! I love to drop in & try a new workout classes while traveling. Orange Theory, F45 & Soul Cycle have locations in practically every city!

Tip 4: Enjoy The Good Food, But Find Balance

How we go about diet, while traveling…varies for us. If we are on a vacation – we are indulging, trust me. You can’t be in Mexico and not take advantage of all of margaritas and guacamole. When we are celebrating, we enjoy ourselves! But even when we are celebrating or on vacation…I don’t go hard at every single meal. Sometimes I’ll keep it light during the day, so I can really enjoy myself for dinner/dessert – or sometimes I’ll even fast until lunch. I’ve found that I just feel better that way, and not so sluggish. We always trying to get our fruits/veggies/nutrients in regardless of why we are traveling – that’s important when it comes to feeling our best. High protein, healthy foods that are from the earth and not a package = our saving grace on keeping it *relatively* healthy while traveling. But don’t get me wrong – I’m a sucker for a pack of Twizzlers on a plane ride or road trip. It’s all about balance!

Tip 5: Double Down On Water

Staying hydrated & getting your water in is always important – but I’ve found it’s extra essential when traveling, especially on a plane. When I’m dehydrated and traveling on a plane…it’s not a good comb. I CHUG water. It keeps my digestion regular, prevents my skin from breaking out, and leaves me feeling so much more energized. Here’s my favorite insulated water bottle to take along & refill while traveling. I also love to throw in a LiquidIV into my water for extra hydration & electrolytes.

Tip 6: Amazon’s Got Your Back

Best thing about Amazon: they are EVERYWHERE! (well, almost everywhere, lol!) When Nick & I are on an extended trip for more than a week, and we don’t have tons of room in our luggage to pack all of our healthy things, sometimes we will just ship things to our Airbnb or Hotel! Whether it’s food/snacks, a fan for your bedroom, vitamins/supplements…if you don’t have room to pack it: ship it!

Tip 7: Don’t Skip Your Skincare Routine

Wherever I go, my skincare routine comes with me, ha! Who knows the real reason why, but I know I can’t be the only one who experiences breakouts during or after travel. It’s so annoying! One thing I have found, is that if I stay consistent with my skincare routine – I’m talking not skipping or leaving one thing home…I experience less breakouts. Always wash your face after a flight & try to limit touching your face while traveling. I also love to bring this travel humidifier along when we go places that are a bit dryer – my skin stays moisturized and doesn’t dry out. Post-travel, I loveeeee a good face mask – Revision’s Pore Purifying Clay Mask is my favorite to stop those breakouts before they kick in!

Tip 8: Don’t Stress & Get Back On Track Once You’re Home

There were times in my life where I wouldn’t fully enjoy myself for get the full experience on a vacation because I was so terrified of getting “off track” and de-railing my goals. Nowadays, I am much kinder to myself. I drink the margaritas. I eat dessert. But I do my best do the things that also make me feel good, to balance it out. A week or so enjoying yourself isn’t going to derail your progress, especially if you are holding your body hostage from all of the fun & good food around you. Stress and restriction will only make you enjoy your time traveling less. Once you get back from traveling, don’t go sprinting into a juice cleanse or into major damage control, “making up” for all of the food you ate or workouts you didn’t do. As soon as you’re home, get back to your normal routine…your body will adjust in a few days, and you’ll be feeling back to normal in no time. Be kind to your body & be kind to yourself!

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Aug 30, 2021

Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling

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