Postpartum – such a blissful, yet messy time, haha! Emotionally, physically – all of the things. My health & wellness has always been a priority in my life…I know that I can’t pour from an empty cup so taking care of myself is something that always comes first. Because I am this way, I was super anxious about postpartum & the fourth trimester. I didn’t know if I would have time (or the energy) to prioritize my health with my whole world now revolving around Charli. Well, I quickly learned that it’s more important than *ever* to take care of myself. And while it absolutely takes a little bit more energy & planning now – it is SO worth it. It’s a non-negotiable for me.

Before Charli made her debut, myself & Nick did a ton of research on what a postpartum women really needs. Diet, supplements, nutrients, etc. I think the most important factor in any wellness routine, is diet. I’ve made eating whole, nutrient-dense foods a priority in postpartum to give my body the fuel it needs for my new life! I got all of my postpartum vitamins & supplements ordered and ready to go the last couple weeks of pregnancy so that all I would have to do when we got home, is remember to take everything! I’m really proud and happy with the wellness routine that I’ve developed – and I truly think it’s been a huge factor in my easy recovery, my ability to drive through the day with energy (as much energy as I can have on little sleep, haha), stay balanced & overall feel *pretty* dang good so far. So today, that’s what I’m sharing with you! Read all about every I’m taking & why below – including links to everything!

Ritual Postnatal Vitamin // this is my multi-vitamin of choice for the postpartum period! It’s packed with nutrients for new mom’s and can be taken through 6 months postpartum, and throughout breastfeeding. Nutrients like Vitamin A, D, E, C & B12, folate, magnesium bison, iron & more! It has a minty aftertaste and now that I’m not pregnant, I have no issues with taking Ritual’s vitamins and feeling nauseous!

Magnesium Glycinate // I take this even when I’m not pregnant or postpartum – but it’s definitely something I knew I needed to stay ontop of during postpartum! I love taking this at night for better quality sleep/relaxation & improved digestion and regular #2’s in the morning!

Ancestral Supplements Grass Fed Beef Liver Capsules
// sounds weird & kind gross, I know – BUT, there are SO many health benefits to beef liver! It promotes healthy skin, hair, collagen production, metabolism, hormone, immune & heart health. It’s nature’s multi-vitamin!

Legendairy Milk Liquid Gold // a herbal breastfeeding supplement to increase milk supply!

Nutrafol Postpartum // this is a hair growth supplement I take to hopefully avoid or help combat the postpartum hairless so many new mamas face from all of the hormonal changes! It’s breastfeeding safe & so many women have recommended this! Can’t hurt, right?!

BPN Strong Omega Fish Oil // everyone should be taking a fish oil supplement – especially for pregnant & postpartum mama’s! Fish oil helps us get the essential fatty acids our bodies need for long-term heart, mind & joint health.

Wishgarden’s Rebalance Postpartum Hormonal Drops // a liquid herbal supplement that absorbs quickly that help with the hormonal fluctuations we all face postpartum! I just add a few drops of this to my morning green juice.

Wishgarden’s AfterEase Drops // helps & soothes afterbirth contractions, cramping 7 swelling of the uterus. I just add a few drops of this to my morning green juice.

Wishgarden’s Happy Ducts Drops // supports lactation production & helps with engorgement/clogged milk duct relief. I just add a few drops of this to my morning green juice.

BPN Strong Greens // my holy grail superfood greens powder for increased natural energy, mood, regular digestion & filling all of the nutritional gaps in my diet!

BPN Strong Reds // a reds superfood powder packed with antioxidants that help boost cellular optimization, increased bloodfow & natural energy levels & optimized digestion and nutrient absorption.

Bodily Lactation Latte // a supplement latte powder mix (that doesn’t actually have caffeine) that is packed with ingredients that can naturally boost your milk supply! You can also add this into oatmeal, or bake with it. The flavor is so good!

Aug 11, 2022

My Postpartum Wellness Routine

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