For me, running is something that comes in & out of my life depending on the season I’m in. I’ve ran two half-marathons in my day, and honestly – I don’t foresee another in my future because I am not *in love* with running…but I DO love how it makes me feel and I’ll definitely throw in an occasional run on a cool day here in Austin. 

Throughout my running seasons & training days, I have experimented with tons of clothing & gear and I’ve found some amazing must-haves that make running easier and more comfortable for me!

If you don’t want to take my word because I’m not a die-hard runner (lol, I don’t blame you!) – this list has been approved by my running obsessed husband, who has ran a sub 3 hour marathon, multiple Iron Mans & is about to run his first 100 mile ultra-marathon! He also uses a lot of this gear as well…so have no fear, you are in good hands!

All products are linked down below! Happy trails to you!

Hoka One One Rincon Running Shoes // my favorite & go-to running shoes for years. They are comfy, don’t give me blisters & are super cute, too!
Ultra Slim Waist Fanny Pack // love this to carry my phone or any other small items while on runs. It stays in place & doesn’t bounce up and down while running. It also has a opening for headphones if you aren’t wearing wireless ones!
Garmin Venu Smart Watch // my everyday watch that is great for anyone who lives an active lifestyle! The GPS is amazing, you can have music on it & connect via bluetooth headphones and it gives you tons of data about your workout or run. If you want more info on this watch, here’s my full review!
Feetures Running Socks // the best & most comfortable socks to run in & prevent blisters!
AirPods Wireless Bluetooth Headphones // my favorite bluetooth headphones that stay in place during all of my workouts!
Track That Mid-Rise Lined Running Short // truly the only shorts I feel comfortable running in! They are the perfect length, they have a comfortable liner, they stay in place & have tons of color options.
Fast & Free Running Hat // a comfy, lightweight running hat that can be thrown in the washer to clean!
High Neck Seamless Sports Bra // my absolute favorite sports bra to run in! It’s seamless, soft, supportive & comes in a ton of colors.
BPN G1M Sport Endurance/Electrolyte Powder // the perfect fuel & combination of carbs + electrolytes to have before a long run to fuel up and power through your workout!
Nathan Handheld Running Water Bottle // great for long runs when you need to refuel!
Polar Heart Rate Monitor Strap // I don’t personally use a heart rate monitor, but if you are more of a serious running or are training for a race, heart rate training is a great way to train & achieve your pace/time goals. Nick almost always wears ones!
Stackable Silicone Rings // my favorite silicone rings to wear to when being active!
LED Headlamp // a necessity for runs in the dark!
Hands Free Dog Running Leash // a great way to comfortably bring your pup on runs – it keeps your hands free & your pup safe!

Aug 18, 2021

Running Must-Haves


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