Calling all bride & groom-to-be’s! Nick & I were in your shoes a little over a year ago…and I know how exciting *and stressful* it can be to plan and coordinate all of the things. One of the most time-consuming & kind of stressful things, was building our registry! Yes, it’s SUPER exciting & fun to pick out gifts for yourself – but the options are endless and it’s hard to decide what you should prioritize when it comes to your registry.

Today, I am hopefully helping you take the guesswork out of building the best wedding registry ever – I narrowed down my top 10 picks that I truly believe any wedding registry should include! Some of the items may surprise you, some may be pretty typical…but take it from me: you won’t regret adding these to your list!

My number one rule for building your registry: don’t be cheap! When we were picking out our gifts…I hesitated adding high-end, more expensive items because I didn’t want our guests to feel obligated. But, registries these days are so advanced and people can actually join forces & split the costs of higher-priced items, which is so amazing! Okay…maybe don’t stack your registry with furniture & appliances that cost thousands of dollars – but don’t be afraid to treat yourself and upgrade the household items you know you’ll use regularly!

Remember, these are my top 10 picks! Here are some other “honorable mention” gifts that didn’t make the top 10, but would be a great addition to any registry:

– Mixing Bowls
– Bakeware
– Towels
– Sheets
– Serving bowls
– Grille accessories
– Luggage
– Plate Chargers/Placemats
– Airfryer
– Rice Cooker
– Coffee maker
– Pots & planters

My Top 10 Picks

Vitamix Blender // This is my absolute NUMBER ONE pick, y’all! You haven’t had a smoothie or shake until you’ve made one in a Vitamix. They are pricer for a reason – they can literally blend up anything. Even if you aren’t a smoothie or shake kind of person, this is great for soups, sauces, and to use as an overall food processor! I use my every single day.
All-Clad 4 Qt. Slow Cooker // A big, high-quality slow cooker is a kitchen staple that I believe everyone should have! It’s great for dinners, cooking for large groups, and special occasions. The bigger = the better!
15-Piece Knife Block Set // Time to upgrade those dull knives & get yourself a big girl set! I didn’t realize how much easier chopping things could be once you actually use high quality, sharp knives. The higher the quality, the longer they will last…as long as you take care of them!
High Quality Dinnerware Set // I used our wedding registry as an opportunity to upgrade a lot of our serveware. I knew that we would be entertaining & hosting more – so I wanted a high quality, durable dinnerware set to use for everyday and special occasions. You can’t go wrong with a crisp, clean white set – it will work for any occasion!
Cordless Vacuum // Another household item that isn’t exactly exciting to buy for yourself…but I think everyone needs a good quality cordless vacuum in their home, especially if you have wood floors/pets! This one is my favorite – it picks up everything & holds a charge for a long time.
High Quality Flatware Set // Another thing you don’t know you’ve been missing out on until you upgrade! Upgraded flatware will class up your everyday dining & also be nice enough for entertaining and holidays.
Down Comforter Insert // Hear me out – if you are a duvet cover/duvet insert person…THIS IS THE TIME FOR AN UPGRADE! I always wondered why I could never achieve that super fluffy, lush hotel-like bedding look & feel – and then I realized it was all about the duvet insert! I love this one from Boll & Branch – we have the ultra-weight down duvet insert. It’s pricey, but worth it! Your bed will look & feel extra luxurious.
Wine Glass Set // Another kitchen & entertaining staple that is worthy of an upgrade.
Pyrex Glass Food Storage // Time to throw out all of your discolored, deformed plastic tupperware and upgrade to Pyrex! Once you go glass, you’ll never go back when it comes to food storage.
Butcher Block Cutting Board // This is probably my NUMBER TWO pick. I always used to use ordinary plastic, cheap cutting boards. Once we got a thick, durable butcher block…prepping meals has never been so fun! We actually love the look of ours so much & use it so much, (multiple times a day) we leave it out on our counter 24/7. A great staple for any couple who loves to cook!

Aug 17, 2021

My Top 10 Wedding Registry Picks

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