Okay embarrassing fun fact: I’m pretty sure the word “shacked” was created last Fall/Winter…and if it was around before then I must have been living under a rock, haha. But anyways: you guys, I actually thought it stood for SHERPA-JACKET. Okay to my credit, all of the “shackets” I was ordering online were kind of a sherpa material…so I was just putting two & two together. Welp, turns out – it does not come from “sherpa”…it’s a SHIRT-JACKET! Duh! So, if you are ever asked where the word comes from…now you know, ha!

Anywho, it’s a trend that I am OBSESSED with. They are back this year, and they are better than ever! I’m pretty sure any major online retailer or clothing brand is jumping on the shacked trend this Fall & Winter and I am here for it. They are warm, functional, cute, and sooo comfortable. I like sizing up or getting oversized shackets & layering up when the weather get’s cold. So cute! With the cooler weather around the corner, I thought it would be a good time to round-up some of my favorite shacked picks this year so you can stock up before all of the cute ones sell out – because they always do. All of my faves are linked down below!

Brown, White & Black Wool Shacket – $32 (I wear a small)
Gray & White Plaid Shacket – $49 (I wear a small)
Brown/Black Long Plaid Shacket – $129
Black Corduroy Shacket – $32 (I wear a small)
Red/Black Plaid Shacket – $129
Oversized Light Beige Shacket – $49
Rust/Brown Shacket w/ Pocket – $49
Brown Fringe Shacket – $139
Beige Tribal Shacket – $139
Olive Sherpa Shacket – $128

Sep 13, 2021

Shackets to Wear This Fall


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