It’s that time, friends! Time for another round-up of some of my favorite recent finds from good ol’ Lululemon! This haul includes some of my forever staples like the Track That Shorts & Align Leggings – but what I love about Lulu is that they are constantly bringing new colors & designs to my favorite items! I’ve also found some really great, supportive sports bras – comfy tops to workout in or for everyday wear…and I finally tried the Align biker shorts.

I’m here to report: they are worth the hype! Below you’ll find links to all of the pieces I’m loving lately, along with the size I wear! For reference, I am about 5’5 & about 135 lbs!

1/2 Zip Oversized Crop Hoodie I wear an XS/S
All Tied Up Tank Top I wear a 4 // comes in multiple colors!
Black/Grey Floral Print Align Leggings I wear a 4
8″ Align Short I wear a 4
5″ Track That Lined Short I wear a 6
Ebb To Train High Neck Sports Bra I wear a 6
Cropped Tank TopI wear a 6
Criss Cross Back/ High Neck Sports Bra I wear an 8
Camo Fanny Pack

Aug 16, 2021

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